Newspapers have been a reliable source of print media carrying current affairs, public announcements and events happening at the local, national and international level. The newspaper was initially started in form of handwritten documentation of current event happening in and around a particular provided on paper. These newspapers basically were handwritten sheets by calligraphers. Newspapers were the only source of information and awareness for the general public till there was no other medium of spreading news but with updation of technology other mediums of public communication were introduced like radio, television, magazines and the most recent platform is online medium of smartphones.

Newspaper vs Internet

With the transformation of mass mediums and public communication, the demand of newspaper was not affected too much because of wide reach. The technology may have updated but a large part of the population is still habitual of reading newspapers because it has been a part of their life for many years and became almost like a necessity for them. Digitalization brought along technology growth and covered almost every aspect of our life. Digitalization supports and promotion usage of technology over physical items and specifically quotes going paperless. The internet influenced mass media ever since it was its concept was introduced, it supports adaptation technology.

But here the main problem arises if we consider people and places that still lack the reach of technology, what about those remote districts which are still out of reach of digitalization? Printing media such as magazines and newspapers specifically comes in handy here for public awareness and communication which is only possible because of local publications.

Merits of Newspapers over Digital media

Newspapers have a wide coverage with many publication houses spread all around on district, the local and urban level that publish and distribute these newspaper daily even where technology is still restricted. The cost of publishing the newspapers is also lower in comparison to working and maintenance of digital technology. Sellers and grocers often publish their advertisements, discounts coupons and sale schemes in newspapers because it approach of sales promotion is considered quicker and best than the rest. Another reason for preferring newspaper over digital might sound very obvious it also improves their reading speed. It also helps students and aspiring writers to polish their writing skills by reading and practicing the art of content writing.

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