Since the advent of human habitation on this planet, man has been relying on the environment for the fulfillment of the basic needs. Even after all this time, things have not changed much at all. The man still continues to be dependent on the environment for various needs and wants. The environment around man makes it easy for him to survive on the planet by providing him with favorable conditions that are suitable for his existence. There has always existed a mutually dependent relationship between man and environment. The conditions of the environment  affects the survival instincts and basic lifestyle of humans while at the same time, human beings also bring modifications in the environment around them which is caused as a result of death, decay, growth, etc. thus, this established the fact that man and environment  are in a relationship that is symbiotic in nature.

The evidence of the existence

There has been a presence of an unsaid relationship between the humans and their environment around them. This is evident from the very fact that the growth and development that is brought about in humans is as a result of the responses to their natural environment. Various aesthetic, cultural, religious and agricultural changes that are seen in humans is as a result of their cultural resources derived from their immediate environment that are being accumulated in the course of time.

The environment around humans is what has affected and enhanced the quality of life that is being lived by us. The major changes that have become a part of our lives these days were not there at the time of our ancestors and the very fact that humans have been able to discover them, is in itself a proof of this symbiotic relationship between man and his environment.

The disruption of its quality

The flora, fauna and other biotic and abiotic components that form a part of the environment of human beings were meant to be explored and utilized but in the present times, this utilization has taken the form of exploitation which has resulted in huge damage to the environment. The quality of air, water, and other components are being constantly degraded due to an increase in the pollutant levels and as a result of this, the resources are continuously depleting.

Thus, in order to maintain the perfect balance between man and environment, it is essential that each and every member of the society should take part to save the environment.

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