For withdraw money from atm machines and other places and for pay online payment or shopping center with card without money on hand we are using three types of cards. That is ATM card, Debit card and third one is Credit card. Here we learn the difference between this cards.

ATM card- The full name of ATM card is Any Time Machine card. This card is linked with the bank account of the card owner. And the money available in bank account of the card owner can be only withdrawn through ATM card. The atm card can only work on all ATM machines. This card can not be used on online shopping websites and other place.

Debit card- The debit card can be used in all ATM machines. This card can also used for online shopping website on any other online purchase on any places where debit cards accepted. The Debit card also linked with the bank account of the card owner. And can be use money that is available in the bank account of card owner.

Credit card- This card is not linked with any bank account. This card is provided to users from bank account or another finance services. The credit card have a limit of spending money per month and have a time limit of some days to pay the bill of credit card to card issuer company. If the bill is payed within time limit there is no any charges or interest rate will be applied. And if the bill is not payed within time limit then interest rate on that money is charged by card issuer company.

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