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There’s just one thing that you’d probably think is a letdown — one may be able to utilize this money adder for paypal application once per week. Let’s say today is January 23, then expect it to be usable again by January 30, which is also the date when you’d be getting the added cash.


However we don’t know their tool is working or not. their tool is not in our control. However we don’t know anything about getting free paypal money.

You are asking then, “Can I get PayPal cash without doing the surveys or human verification of sorts?”

Nope. Nope. Again Nope. We are avoiding any computers or AIs to access our application. The surveys are easy and quick to answer so don’t about spending time on it. Upon registering, you will be required to type in your cellphone number, or your Gmail or any electronic messaging address, or even install different apps for you to use.

There are many things you can do with the app. Considering that an average wage earner is earning about $1.5 per hour. After eight hours of continuous work, being employed, you just earned around $9 per day.

That’s 45 bucks a week. Compared to this application, you are able to get $100 in just a week. That 65 dollars’ worth of more income to you!


Maybe you re itching to do this now, aren’t you? Well, if you have left the “employed” life, and wanted to have money for a very short span of time, then you can easily utilize the tool online, without any form of download to do.

There are no plugins required – there is no need for you to install any 3rd party software. This means that there wont be security risks.


To avoid getting hacked or what, you don’t want to link in your real PayPal account, since, more likely, your savings are in there.

And you don’t want to risk getting scammed by anyone, since with all, honesty, this looks shady. But trust us my friend. You are in safe hands and you will be able to generate lots of money with this.

Delving more into it, a stealth account is just basically a proxy account with a different name, different card (a virtual card, to be exact). You will be able to acquire dozens of addresses, and different bank accounts. However, this is hard to utilize in 3rd world countries.

In order for you to do it properly, follow these easy steps down below make a stealth account. This can help your account be safe and accessible for months and even years.

Number one, you need to purchase first a stable, proxy that came from around Germany. You don’t need to have many stealth accounts, just 3 or 4 would be enough.

These proxies don’t need any SIN unlike in American proxies. You are in their radar if you use those proxies, so if you are thinking of creating one, don’t. And don’t worry, the rewards do not exceed by about three thousand dollars, so if you opened it and it shows an error, just try again.

Number two, next is to search using the terms “utilizing proxies in google chrome” then proceed to if you can see it, or even any site which use to know your current location and and that proceeds to the search engine and look for somewhere open, like a coffee shop, and you can use a real URL and use that.

Lastly, you need to provide them a cell number for verifying your identity. After that, you can now use the proxy.


Right down, you will see several steps which you will need to accomplish in order to withdraw the money from the proxy account.

Step #1: Click the “Money” tab on the PayPal site.

Step #2: Access “Add a Bank Account” and fulfill the banking details in the form. And make sure that the banking account you’re going to use has money on it, about $10. Paypal will acquire about 45 dollars, but you will see it then in your PayPal.

Once you have done that, you can do now a lot of things. One can now buy, pay for their bills, or even give out gifts. You can also pay for services, such as Netflix, or buy quickly at Amazon.

There are many things you can do with that amount of money. Even if you are working your PayPal account can gain money at home. You can segregate now your budget for your daily lives.

You can use it to buy your groceries by withdrawing it out of your bank account. Or you can even use it as an emergency fund for in the very case that a war breaks out or a calamity hits.


PayPal is a very useful money service since it stores surmounting amount of money and can be accessible right away with the use of the internet.

The support team are also helpful, since they answer within minutes of your concern. Although the charges for the transaction are quite steep, just like what we mentioned earlier, by just transferring money to your account, it will amount.

Also, it has a consistent Buyer and Seller protection. The money you pay to scammers are easily brought back and they can be tracked down by the PayPal team. So rest assured that PayPal is a secure service to use in terms of this application.

Important Note: We don’t know that any paypal money adder work or not. We here at Tips&Ways not responsible for anything. However we have not any relationship with third party websites. We just post this article because we got many request to write something about free paypal money adder.